Studio/lab designs identity-driven communication systems. From conceptual approach to detailed delivery, we create images, publications, interactions, and environments. Our development process involves a search for authenticity and unique expression. Solutions evolve from discoveries made—together with our clients—through research, ideation, evaluation, and refinement. Projects are realized in dynamic visual and verbal brand tools, compelling environments, informed interactions, and innovative service models.

In addition to our dedicated teams in Chicago and San Francisco we maintain a network of consultants and collaborators. Project teams are flexible in size and easily expanded to address the demands of a given challenge. With strong ties to two leading research universities, we have ready access to emerging talent and specialized expertise.

Studio/lab is designed to foster creativity and invite critical exchange. Dedicated project rooms keep work visible and encourage collaboration. Clients and collaborators have free and open access to the studio and are encouraged to work informally on site with the project teams. We proudly maintain long-term relationships with many of our clients and have evolved our skills and contributions—even the design of our workspace—according to their changing needs.
Marcia Lausen

Marcia Lausen is founder of the Chicago office of Studio/lab, Professor of Graphic Design and Director of the School of Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As a design and academic leader, Marcia is an advocate for the value of design in commercial, cultural, urban, and civic activity. Studio/lab maintains a client base that spans these sectors.
Susan Verba

Susan Verba is founder of the San Francisco office of Studio/lab, Professor in the Department of Design and founder of the Center for Design in the Public Interest at the University of California, Davis.

As a researcher, practitioner, and educator with training and experience in both engineering and design, Susan has the skills to contribute to transdisciplinary efforts that seek to improve everyday experiences by creating more effective information, products, and environments.
the team:   

Valeria Bernal
Tara Kennedy
Latrina Lee
Greg Lynch (emeritus)
Meeyoung Melamed
Tim Wilson

consultants and collaborators:

Pouya Ahmadi
Kelly Bjork
Kenna Fallan
Meghan Ferrill
Jack Henrie Fisher
Daniel S. Friedman
Hillary Geller
Grant Gibson
Yuting Han
Jill Hoffheimer
Audra Hubbell
Jayne Kelley
Mischa Leiner
Maggie Lewis
Andrew Moddrell
Oliver Roeger
Daniel Sauter
George Slavik
Robert E. Somol
Matthew Terdich
Xavier Vendrell
Trysh Wahlig
Jody Work
Caroline Young
Robert Zolna

1 E Wacker Drive
suite 3030
Chicago IL 60601
312 873 7700

san francisco:

461 2nd Street
suite 231
San Francisco CA 94107
415 518 4929