brand strategy + identity

The design of identity is a search for authenticity and unique expression. In the development of brand identity, we take pride in our ability to respond to the demands of today and tomorrow with timeless principles of design, and to develop flexible systems of language and graphics that represent, celebrate, and educate.

Visual identity is at the core of every Studio/lab project and we are comfortable working with organizations at any stage of growth or change. We have named companies, places, products and services. We have established identity programs for new ventures of Fortune 500 companies, updated the brands of cultural and educational institutions, and reimagined the positioning and image of organizations seeking dramatic change. We helped Alzheimer’s Association to address its scientific side (and its goal to no longer exist); we supported Mattel in a reinvigoration of its 50-year-old Hot Wheels brand; and we saved the Motorola logo from impending redesign.