information design + service design

At Studio/lab, we understand the tremendous impact that good design can have on the functional, experiential, and emotional aspects of complex systems of information. We create and blend systems of language with systems of typography to illuminate and to educate. We are eager to learn what needs to be communicated and to determine how best to get the word out.

Our information and service design practices transcend industry and media. We have helped financial advisors to clarify concepts to investors; clinicians to explain information to patients; patients and loved ones to navigate a medical diagnosis; family members to enjoy assembling a new piece of furniture; local and federal governments to make choices clear; corporate leaders to see patterns that aid strategic decision-making; and philanthropic organizations to support efforts that address grand challenges of our time. We have helped a world renown futurist to explain his ideas to others and a university provost to establish a new College of the Environment. Our work has been realized in digital, print, and broadcast media.