College of the Environment

︎ information design + service design
In 2007, Phyllis Wise, then Provost of the University of Washington, invited Studio/lab to facilitate conversations that would focus the collective energy toward the development of a College of the Environment. Honored by the request and captivated by the importance of the subject matter, we initiated work by tapping into our understanding of the academic world as well as our expertise in utilizing design process to support and realize institutional ambition.

After producing a series of workshops, we helped UW leadership to define a framework that builds from disciplinary expertise [discovery], forms public and private connections [development], and responds to external issues [application]. This engagement model was used to guide planning for the new college, established in 2009.

Today, with research activities on all 7 continents and in all 5 oceans, the College connects educators, researchers, students and citizens, cultivating communities who work with and learn from each other while tackling critical environmental challenges. Annual research funding of more than $173 million supports faculty, staff, and students working on climate,
ecology, natural resource management, and marine, earth, and space processes.