Studio/lab worked with the AIA College of Fellows to reimagine the Latrobe Fellowship, an important but outdated research funding program. Renamed the Latrobe Prize, our goal was to position this program as an academic research equivalent to the famed Pritzker Architecture Prize. The amount of the award was increased to $100,000, the biannual program was designed to focus on a theme relevant to current research and practice, and a new identity was established to align with the new mission and to attract a higher number of applicants.

The first theme of the redesign, Transforming Practices, provided inspiration for our design of the primary communication piece, a booklet that could also become a poster, and for its imagery—an inverted undeveloped landscape. Subsequent themes have addressed pressing issues in architectural practice including Change that Matters (2009), Public Interest Practices (2011), Architectural Resiliency (2015), and Design for Future Use (2017).